Theorist, Strategist, and Researcher

I explore the evolving role of individuals in the emerging digital landscapes, and the ongoing interplay of the online and offline realms.

My work goes beyond understanding how technology shapes our world, focusing instead on how people influence the digital transformation, and how, in turn, they are shaped by it.

I also focus on narrating the near futures, as one of the few technological optimists around. In these narratives, I draw attention to the increasing role of the state apparatus in controlling and regulating the digital space. I track and predict shifts that affect privacy, data ownership, and digital rights. This forecasting aims to simplify the complexities of the digital world, helping you prepare for and navigate the imminent digital futures.

I welcome collaborations that align with this vision.

Feel free to reach out to me at my email (k.kaleta at or call me at +44 7934 479 736.

Let’s shape the digital future together.