Exploring and Explaining the Role of Individuals in the Digital Age

With a solid academic grounding in Digital Politics, Political Science, Economics, and International Relations, I have placed significant emphasis on exploring the role of the individual within society. Most recently, I focused on exploring the fascinating intersection of technology and individualism.

My ongoing research revolves around examining the interplay between human behaviour and technological advancement, deeply rooted in the principles of classic liberalism and Austrian School.

I place a considerable emphasis on the concepts of individualism and assume the crucial role of self-responsibility within the digital era.

My ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3918-560X

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  • Advanced Tech Insights
  • Multilingual Communication
  • Online-Offline Intersection
  • Digital Individualism
  • Digital Regulations
  • Market Trends
  • Digital Futures
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Current Research Areas
  • Tech-Human Synthesis
  • Individual and the Virtual Realm
  • Individual-Oriented Future Forecasting
  • Impact of the Virtual Realm on the Politics
  • Current Tech Regulatory Insights
Digital Politics, Manchester Metropolitan University | 2019 – 2024 | Thesis: ‘Beyond the Freedom Line: Analysing Libertarian Digital Community in Poland'
The Politics and Economics of Eastern Europe, UCL University College London | 2015 – 2016 | Research: ‘Libertarian Movement in Poland 1976-1991 in its International Context (2:1)
BA Politics and International Relations, De Montfort University | 2011 – 2012 | Dissertation: ‘External Relations in Libertarian Thought (2:1)
BA Politics, Pedagogical University of Krakow| 2008 – 2011| Dissertation ‘Libertarianism as a Style of Political Thought’ (4.5/5.0)
Academic Publications
Marzęcki, R., Chmielowski, M., Kaleta, K. Liberals Among Us: Socio-Demographic Determinants Of Liberal Attitudes In Poland in Polish Political Science Yearbook, Vol 57, no 2 (2024) (In Publication)
Kaleta, K. (2023) ‘The Scattered Nature of Sovereign Surveillance: On Internet Models in the Context of Tomorrow.’ In Adi Kuntsman and Lin Xiu (eds) Digital Histories, Digital Politics, Digital Futures. (Digital Activism and Society: Politics, Economy, and Culture in Network Communication). ISBN: 978-1-80382-202-0
Marzecki, R., Chmielowski, M., Kaleta, K. (2023) ‘Mój jest ten kawałek podłogi. Liberalna i libertariańska autoidentyfikacja Polaków (EN: Mine is this piece of the floor. Liberal and libertarian self-identification of Poles.). Polish Libertarian Association.
Podcast: Digital Libertarians, Futurology & Manifesting Online Communities
Non-Academic Publications
'Podroznosci' (Travel Things) is a book in Polish about travel, but not necessarily a travel book. It is a form of pursuing non-academic and non-fiction writing, in the spirit of Richard Kapuscinski.