Digital Consultancy Services

Digital Interaction Analysis

Explore and analyse the digital touchpoints within your organization to understand how users interact with your systems and platforms.

This service aims to identify areas of improvement to enhance user satisfaction, engagement, and overall digital experience.

Digital Sense-making Consultancy

Navigate the digital landscape by making sense of emerging trends, technologies, and their impact on both human behaviour and organisational dynamics.

Digital Trends Forecasting

Anticipate the future of your industry with a near-futures research and analysis. Stay ahead of the curve with strategic planning and scenario analysis based on emerging digital trends and technologies.

Regulatory Advisory

As regulations in the digital realm rapidly change, I offer insights into potential shifts that affect privacy, data ownership, and digital rights. This will help your business navigate the regulatory landscape and ensure compliance with the change.

Digital Wellness Workshops

Promote a healthy digital culture within your organisation through workshops on digital wellness. These workshops cover topics such as digital mindfulness, managing digital distractions, and fostering positive digital interactions, aiming to create a more balanced and human-friendly digital environment.

Embark on your journey towards the digital future with confidence.

I am offering bespoke digital consultancy services tailored to your business needs. Bridging the gap between academia and industry, my unique insights and strategic perspectives are designed to help your business understand and navigate the digital future.

Let’s explore the digital future together.

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